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Posted on 16th July 2007 by Susan

Susan Brown

LAUGHTER definitely is the BEST MEDICINE

Susan Brown, a member of the World Laughter Movement, has a passion for sharing laughter with ´The World´ and is currently on a world crusade promoting laughter along with its health benefits.

Recently, she was awarded International Laughter Ambassador by Dr. Madan Kataria, from India (the Giggling Guru) himself, for her contribution in sharing the amazing benefits of laughter with the world. Dr. Kataria, pioneered ‘laughter yoga’ in 1995 and in 2004, trained Susan to teach others to use these UNIQUE TECHNIQUES on how to laugh WITHOUT JOKES or HUMOUR or even if you don’t feel like laughing…….(we fake ‘it’ till we make ‘it’)…because the brain doesn’t distinguish the difference….the results are the same..

Susan believes that the whole world needs “lightening-up” as there is so much depression and stress persistently in our lives. It effects all ages. All walks of life. laughter brings harmony and joy to ALL who are willing to allow themselves to laugh and the results of ´ laughter ´ are astounding.

2009 AIM International Womens Day Debate Second negative speaker: Sue Brown, Director of Lets Laugh Debating “that youth and exuberance outmanage maturity and savvy”

Check out some of our Laughter Club images here.[singlepic=38,320,240,,right]

Research indicates that laughter produces natural killer cells which ´eat tumors´ and that 20 seconds of laughter equals one minute of rowing. Laughter and sex are the two things that gives our body a total jogging inside… an euphoria which effects the whole body in a most positive way..

Susan believes that through laughter …you can clear a path to open up the “joy in you”…so your life becomes so much more happier. “When you´re laughing, you actually set off this euphoria in your whole body” Susan said. “You´re unable to think of the past or the future. You are totally focused in THE MOMENT. At first, people are a little intimidated but once they get started they don’t want to stop…because laughter is so contagious.

Susan started her ´ laughter movement´ February 2003 after war broke out. “There was so much ´fear´ in the air that I decided to change it so people could get harmony to embrace their ‘joy’ and enjoy life”. There are thousands of ‘laughter clubs’ throughout the world and is spreading to more and more countries at a rapid rate.
As laughter becomes more and more popular Susan is noticing how accepting it is becoming.


  • privately….….for ‘one on one’ consultations
  • as an ice breaker for special events.
  • key speaker to energize corporate events
  • council our kids who have suicidal tendencies who have lost direction and feel worthless
  • educate at schools & colleges to make learning ‘FUN’
  • entertain at private ‘laughter parties’ for social functions.
  • brighten and energize the ‘aged care’ program
  • take laughter into our workplace for better communication and productivity
  • invest in ’ Certified Laughter Training Courses’ so you can make laughter your business too..and/or enhance your existing business. (the more the merrier!)
  • participate in ‘on-line laughter coaching’ program.
  • share laughter at charities to help fun raising.
  • ‘laugh in the park’ together for contagious, uniting group laughter

Susan even was asked to perform at a WAKE where everyone ´CELEBRATED´ the fun times they had had with their Dad.

Eye C You!

“The energy was electric. “When everyone laughs together the energy is absolutely awesome. One feels so enthusiastic! It is through the EYE CONTACT that converts laughter into ´the real belly laugh´ and the laughter and energy just flows naturally and you laugh your blues away”.

Lets Laugh - CD CoverSusan has released her first instructional CD guide on how to ‘add more laughter into your life’ WITHOUT JOKES along with the benefits of laughter to the body, the brain and YOUR LIFE, entitled “Lets Laugh”.

We ALL have the gift of laughter within us…….it’s just we need to learn to
LET IT OUT more…… so we can receive the wonderful health benefits it gives us.


Susan Brown

Kind regards,

Susan Brown

  • Katie

    SUSIE! What an AWESOME Web Site!!! Wishing you a RAINBOW RIDE and GREAT SUCCESS with all you are doing with LAUGHTER. Can’t wait to have your energy on board the Noosa Queen and hear peals of laughter ripple across the river to the ears of many souls… esp. those who need it most, those who are suffering. You are a real ANGEL!!! (the word “Angel” means “messenger of GOD”)



  • Evonne Fisher

    I’d really like to learn laughter yoga/therapy. Where can I learn? What are the times, costs etc??


  • Dear Susan:

    CONGRATULATIONS! you are a girl!

    what a warnth in your eyes! spirit of mirth in every cell of you.

    I´m so grateful for your funny email, now I can say that you have given life to my day and it is a valuable present your spirited words.

    I am simply a beginner in deep world of Laughter and Celeste and I feel so happy to receive emails like yours, thank you merci GRACIAS!

    I will add your web if you agree, because I would like people here in Spain know your work and discover the spirit of youth that shows your eyes your smile all your body and soul.

    I can smile with peace to find people like you dear, because just with your presence in this world life is more beautiful and bright.

    God knows that this Risatel Laughter Hotline comes from my heart and that the money I get will be for the humble and little Laughter club of Valencia and the activities to spread this spirit to the world. And with a clear aim: to enhance Laughter for that people that cannot go to Laughter Clubs because of illness or physical handicap or many other reasons you know if we are laughing we are not fighting.

    a spiral of kisses and colorful Laughter around you,
    with Love,

  • Francoise

    HO HO HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!! congratulations Susan..totally awesome website and you look awesome..You did it girl and i am sure that u have already started spreading your laughter around the world via your website.. We all need to laugh and lighten up so let’s follow you….Huge smile …on my face as i write this..In love and light and laughter always francoise..xx



  • skirby

    I love funny videos and anything like babies,animals etc. as long as it’s “clean” and your videos are so great ! Are you going to be making more of them? I have a granddaughter who is 13 and loves animal ones:videos”
    Keep up the great work and keep making us smile and laugh.

  • Hi Suzie,

    You are truly an inspiration to us all, you bring us all a lot of happiness and wisdom…. and it is so great to have you singing girl !!

    Love Kath x

  • L

    Hey, Susan!

    Lol it’s my first time on this site actually… I found the place while I was browsing through some youtube videos… I forget which one led me here O.o

    I like what you do tho… It seems like a really cool thing you have. I just thought I would mention that 😛

  • Michelle Latimer

    Hi Susan…It was such a pleasure meeting you at Fountainhead recently. Finally got a chance to see your website. It’s amazing and really inspirational. Hope to see you again soon. Love Michelle

  • shannon

    I was led to your sight from a spiritual sight, it was laughable to see the funny comments people make about how wonderful you are, I don’t know you or much about you, but you sound wonderful.

  • YOU Are the GREATEST Susan!
    Do you remmber this note you gave me?
    Oct 1995.
    A note to say Billy that it’s great working with you
    and growing with you in our new found……..
    I thank you Billy for your caring support.
    Susan it’s not what I did for you.
    It’s what you did for me!!!!!!
    THANKS LuV Ya.

  • hello Susan
    my name is john and i live in japan
    i speak spanish, japanese, portuguese , but i can write a little in english
    and i would like say …
    u web site its a wonderfull idea and its so funny
    ur iniciative for the natural medicine LAUGHTER
    its the best
    thank for ur time and work in this beautifull compromise

  • Nancy Pietrulewicz

    Susan, I think you are on to something here! Would you mind posting and sharing links to the research you mention regarding the health effects and benefits of laughter. If you could document the research, it would add significantly more credibility to your claims. Thanks, Nancy