Hilarious Nolans Cheddar Cheese Advert Starring Mr Mouse

Posted on 9th February 2010 by Susan in Funny Videos

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Sometimes advertisements are just plain entertainment. This is one case where the company went for something as pure fun and in the process you associate good things to their product.

Keep watching…. It gets better.

Outrageously Funny Commercials

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In Other Words – crazy product labels

Posted on 2nd July 2009 by Susan in Raunchy Stuff

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It just  wouldn’t be the same if the whole world spoke just one language, now  would it?

Thanks to the funny website www.Engrish.com for this content.

Beer Pong – Carlsberg Beer Ad YouTube

Posted on 23rd June 2009 by Herrin in Funny Videos

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Yes it is juvenile but this looks like fun!

Magazine Ads from Yesteryear – Unbelievable!

Posted on 28th February 2008 by Susan in General Silliness

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007c01c86a37986d89000100007f.jpegOnce upon a time, this type of advertising was almost commonplace.

Now they’ve found better ways of hiding the ridiculous.

From the Marlboro man to being sold the idea of hiding under a desk to avoid a nuclear blast, some of us actually remember being scared by that stuff!

Advertising continues to play a huge part in our lives. Perhaps this reminds us to examine it a little more critically.

Check these ads and see if your jaw does not drop!!


Fart ringtone commercial

Posted on 25th February 2008 by Susan in Raunchy Stuff

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The contrast of conservative culture and farting get a meeting in this short Japanese commercial!


4 Hilarious Banned Commercials

Posted on 19th January 2008 by Susan in Movies and TV


This starts off our series on TV and Movies. Just about the only time commercials are entertaining is when they’re funny. Here’s 4 in a row that certainly qualify. Enjoy!

Funny Advertisement – VB Beer Commercial – Australia

Posted on 22nd December 2007 by Susan in Funny Videos


A real life performance of the VB theme song by an Australian orchestra!