The Emperor gets a job: Star Wars Parody

Posted on 11th March 2010 by Herrin in Movies and TV

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What would happen to the evil emperor from Star Wars, once the Empire was defeated?

People go their own ways and start trying to assimilate into “normal” society right? When you have such a specific skill set and a strong tendency towards evil it can make it pretty hard.

Jerry Seinfeld – Master Comedian and TV Show

Posted on 8th October 2009 by Herrin in Comedy

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Jerry Seinfeld, one of Americas best comics, has been doing standup for over 20 years, getting some of his first breaks at Dangerfields, then the Johnny Carson and David Letterman shows.

In 1989 he started “Seinfeld” with Larry David. The show was a smash hit success and featured Jerry playing himself with 3 other hilarious¬† characters.

  • Jerry Seinfeld – Sincere, well meaning, relationship challenged, comic.
  • George Costanza – The quintessential neurotic blinded by testosterone.
  • Elaine – An open, Man challenged schemer.
  • Kramer – Manic, hair brained ideas man with a world of friends.

Since Seinfeld ended in 2006 Jerry has gone back to Stand-up and in this video we see one of his latest shows. (more…)

Beer Pong – Carlsberg Beer Ad YouTube

Posted on 23rd June 2009 by Herrin in Funny Videos

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Yes it is juvenile but this looks like fun!

Funny Johnny Depp interview

Posted on 30th May 2009 by Susan in Movies and TV

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Isn’t it great when Hollywood stars aren’t stars and prefer to live more like real people?

Check out this short interview with Johnny Depp talking about his role in Pirates of The Caribbean.

The Emperor gets a job – Star Wars parody

Posted on 28th March 2009 by Herrin in Funny Videos

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This video combines 2 of the coolest things in the world of media. Comedy and Star Wars!

What would happen if the dark lord of the sith tried to get a job in the normal world?

Monty Python – Argument Clinic – Classic Comedy

Posted on 18th October 2008 by Susan in Funny Videos

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Well this will (hopefully) make you think about arguing in a different way forever. The great, the one and only Monty Python, with the classic argument clinic sketch.

Fawlty Towers – Classic Scenes

Posted on 11th August 2008 by Susan in Movies and TV

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The insane manic slapstick brilliance of John Cleese as Basil Fawlty with a host of crazy co-workers making a mess of everything, makes this one of the classic shows of all time. Wonderful actors in this classic British Comedy TV Series.

Fawlty Towers Classic Scenes

See more Fawlty Towers on YouTube.