How to tease your dog

Posted on 5th July 2011 by Herrin in Funny Videos

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What a cruel dog owner!

Dog catching bubbles! laughing baby

Posted on 30th June 2011 by Herrin in Funny Videos

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No matter how many of these go viral on YouTube they never fail to entertain or make us feel happy. So here is yet another baby/dog video. Woohoo!

Sing like no-one is listening – poodle sings the blues

Posted on 7th June 2011 by Susan in Funny Videos

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Well maybe that’s adding legs to the.. dog but it makes it sound better hey?

Actually this is pretty cool and you wonder if the dog has heard the owner playing a lot first or whether this is just out of the blue. Either way this little dog has soul.

Cat Parkour – Free Running Kitties

Posted on 16th September 2010 by Herrin in General Silliness

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We’ve seen the guys jump from building to building and run across stairs and walls. So now we get a look at the true inventors of Parkour. Watch these moggies navigate their urban environment!

Hilarious Nolans Cheddar Cheese Advert Starring Mr Mouse

Posted on 9th February 2010 by Susan in Funny Videos

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Sometimes advertisements are just plain entertainment. This is one case where the company went for something as pure fun and in the process you associate good things to their product.

Keep watching…. It gets better.

Dead Fly Art

Posted on 16th October 2009 by Herrin in General Silliness


Some people have way to much time on their hands…

But… If anyone knows who is responsible for these hilarious works of art please let us know 🙂

Update: He found us! His name is Magnus and he is a wonderful photographer with a very professional style. Check out his website at

image020 (more…)

The Dog the Cat and the Rat – Animal Love

Posted on 20th July 2009 by Herrin in Funny Videos

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Check out this unlikely partnership between a Rottweiler, a common tabby Cat AND a Rat!

Why Kids Need Pets

Posted on 30th May 2009 by Susan in Funny Videos

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This charming little vid shows why Children and animals are such a wonderful match. They love them AND keep them entertained. Oh my!

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World – Cat and a Deer Lovin’

Posted on 20th May 2009 by Susan in Quotes & Inspiration

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Well its time to get the tissues out people. Bambi meets a kitten in this charming little montage of love and togetherness. Love truly is a universal quality that crosses all barriers.

Just for this moment lets remember, we do live in a wonderful world. Thanks Louis! (and Bambi and Puss)

10 cutest cat moments – video compilation

Posted on 9th March 2009 by Herrin in Funny Videos

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The 10 cutest cat moments thanks to the Liquid Generation crew on YouTube.