Monty Python – Argument Clinic – Classic Comedy

Posted on 18th October 2008 by Susan in Funny Videos

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Well this will (hopefully) make you think about arguing in a different way forever. The great, the one and only Monty Python, with the classic argument clinic sketch.

Will Ferrell – Brilliant Comedy Actor – Imitates George Bush and more

Posted on 30th March 2008 by Susan in Comedy

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will-ferrell.gifWill Ferrell. Easily one of the best character actor comedians around. He’s someone that has made a career out of being willing to do just about anything! Will Ferrell on Wikipedia.

Like most of the great American comedians he started out on Saturday Night live and soon graduated to movie acting. He’s brought a willingness to play hard to every role hes asked to do. It’s almost like he’s had an operation to remove his embarrassment gland! Or perhaps he wasn’t born with one? (more…)

Crazy Penis Car skit – English comedy sketch

Posted on 25th February 2008 by Susan in Raunchy Stuff

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This little movie has some guy trying to convince us that a car does NOT represent his penis. Yeah right!


Love and Happenis,

Redneck Power Windows – Comedy Skit

Posted on 2nd February 2008 by Susan in Funny Videos


One of the good old boys gives us poor folk a tip on how to keep up with the Joneses.

Monty Python – Ministry Of Silly Walks – Classic Comedy

Posted on 2nd September 2007 by Susan in Comedy

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From one of the most successful, enduring comedy teams of all time.

Search for Monty Python onWikipediaOfficial SiteYouTube – Muck around with the silly walks generator right here.