Beaker from The Muppet Show sings “Feelings”

Posted on 1st May 2010 by Herrin in Movies and TV

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Without doubt one of the most entertaining shows of all time for all ages, The Muppet Show is the love child of a small group of comic geniuses, with a vision of a traditional stage show act run by all manner of crazy characters and animals.

In this brilliant reinterpretation, Beaker sings “Feelings” with all the passion he can muster.

Venezuela Youth Orchestra – Bernstein – Mambo

Posted on 23rd February 2009 by Susan in Music and Art

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Have a listen and a look at this amazing youth orchestra in Venezuela. They get so physical and their joy of the music is inspiring. What a wonderful gift music is for the soul.

Me I’m Cooking With Ghee – Indian Parody

Posted on 17th December 2008 by Herrin in General Silliness



Do you love Indian food? Its hard not too. All that flavor, tradition and spices!

Musician, multi-instrumentalist songwriter and part-time cook, Kit Cotter dreamed up this crazy little song this week and we felt compelled to share it with y’all.

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If you haven’t heard the song “Me and Bobby McGee” by Kris Kristofferson then you won’t recognize the melody but its still amusing regardless. (Lyrics Follow) (more…)

Let It Be – performed by Tony Melendez – No Arms!

Posted on 13th October 2008 by Susan in Quotes & Inspiration

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Watch as armless musician, Tony Melendez plays and sings a beautiful, stirring rendition of “Let It Be” by The Beatles.

This is an awesome reminder that we are capable of so much more.

On September 15, 1987, he played his guitar for Pope John Paul II in Los Angeles.
Born without arms, he performed a touching song entitled Never Be The Same. When the Pope approached him from the stage to kiss him in appreciation, it seemed to reflect the sentiments of the entire country.