Herbal Essence Orgasm… for Men

Posted on 1st September 2010 by Herrin in Funny Videos

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Advertising. It has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with manipulating our emotions. In this ad remake we get to see what it would look like if a man got off on shampoo as much as the ladies.

What Makes a Good Party? (1950)

Posted on 26th June 2010 by Herrin in Funny Videos

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Ever thrown a party and really struggled to put it all together? Well sometimes its necessary to look back to the old ways to get tips from a more “conservative” era. Like say, hiding under your desk to avoid a nuclear blast, or eating pure lard to avoid getting overweight.

As you watch this rather painful guide to throwing a party, remember this is 1950 and the population were popping out children at a crazy rate. Enjoy!

Greg Pritchard – Britain’s Got Talent

Posted on 10th February 2010 by Herrin in Music and Art

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Sometimes people open their mouth to sing and the most unexpected thing comes out. Fortunately for Greg Pritchard it is also very beautiful.

News Reporter high, reporting on burning weed

Posted on 3rd November 2009 by Herrin in Raunchy Stuff

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Trying to be factual and articulate is hard when people are burning drugs behind you. Check it out as this guy does his best to report “the news”!

Baby Dances To Beyonce on TV

Posted on 22nd October 2009 by Susan in Funny Videos

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These are the moments that parenthood shines and makes you laugh, simply without cares. Watch as this little toddler makes a mini-career in dance for him/herself!

Relaxing in the Sauna – Crazy Japanese Pranks

Posted on 16th August 2009 by Herrin in Funny Videos

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This pranks TV show in Japan makes it clear they enjoy seeing people humiliated. As well as physically flexible!Ha ha.

The Great Dave Allen – Classic Comedy

Posted on 20th July 2009 by Herrin in Comedy

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Dave Allen, was an Irish comedian, popular in the United Kingdom and Australia until his death in 2005 at age 68.

Famous for his relaxed, sit-down style Dave Allen perfected his story telling in front of a live audience. For more, search for Dave Allen on YouTube.

Dave Allen – Adam and Eve


Beer Pong – Carlsberg Beer Ad YouTube

Posted on 23rd June 2009 by Herrin in Funny Videos

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Yes it is juvenile but this looks like fun!

UFO Gag tricks people real good…

Posted on 1st June 2009 by Susan in Funny Videos

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This UFO gag really gets these people thinking they are seeing first contact.

Husband Daycare – Is this for real??

Posted on 21st February 2008 by Susan in Funny Videos


Just kidding I know its a joke, but why don’t these places actually exist? Well in a way they do.

Watch and see what I mean…